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Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Creating Real World Results

Are you ready to recreate and transform your life through the world of wisdom and spirituality? Rid yourself of your limitations!

As an intuitive and Esoteric Chaperone™ , Alida Fehily can help you peel back the layers that have been impeding you on your life's journey.

Transforming your environment through the guidance of an Esoteric Chaperone™ is easy once you connect with Alida. Alida is an international corporate and life consultant who believes that abundance, success and wealth are available to everybody. Committed to your daily inspiration, Alida hopes to drive your consciousness forward by releasing the bonds that hold you back.


alida fehily

From Alida:

"I will take you by the hand and work with you every day. I will send you daily messages and images of inspiration and if you require my private consultation, my service is to be there for you when you need me most. Now we have connected, let me guide you towards an abundant life, greater than you have ever dreamed - that is of your creation. Imagine having total control over your destiny!"

Whether your aim is to achieve financial independence, enhance your relationships or you're on a spiritual quest to master the 7 areas of life, Alida can help you manifest a bountiful existence.The 7 areas include: Spiritual, Social/Family, Mental/Intellectual, Financial/Wealth, Vocational/Career, Physical/Health and Relationships. Alida can help you enrich all of them.

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of destructive, negative relationships, jobs or situations into your life? Or are you simply seeking inspiration to help you find your true life purpose?

Eliminate the hurdles that are stopping you from achieving the soaring heights of your true magnificence. When you experience your divine glory, your perception of reality will have amazing shifts. You will uncover a new way of thinking, being and living that is full of brilliance, majesty and splendour.

In order to create the life of your dreams, you must commit to yourself. Alida can help you open the portal to the gift of self-awareness. This guidance can help you discover the truth to the mysteries of wisdom, providing you with the knowledge to find your genius within.

If you're looking for a corporate chaperone to help you find your inner power through daily personal consultation, Alida is available to help steer you towards greatness.

"If you have found yourself here on this page, I am sure this resonates with you. Please join me on the journey to helping you bridge the gap between spirituality and daily life. I can help you create real world results by engaging in the mysteries of wisdom. There are no limits to the power of your imagination."

True regards
Alida Fehily
Esoteric ChaperoneTM
2005 Psychic of the Year (WA)
Demartini Method Certified Facilitator
Author: The Law of Reflection & Keys to Wisdom
Featured in: Thank God I... Trilogy Vol 3,
Thank God I... Am An Empowered Woman


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