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Awaken Your Creative Insights

Awaken Your Creative Insights

7 Ways to Awaken Your Creative Insights

What drives your actions, thoughts and behaviour? Do you have the ability to look deep within yourself to intuitively determine who you are and where you are going?

By awakening your creative insights and learning to know yourself better, you can quite literally change your life!

Here are 7 suggestions on how to arouse the self-knowledge you already possess.

1. Determine your life’s purpose. What is your reason for being? Figure this out and you will understand what motivates you and where your passions lie.

2. Develop your creativity. You were born creative; perhaps it’s time to nurture your innovative gifts. Creativity can manifest itself in every area of your being – physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

3. Enhance your self-talk. There’s nothing more destructive than negative self-talk. What you tell yourself will influence your feelings, your mood and your outlook on life. Get in the habit of saying nice things to you.

4. Increase your self-confidence. A difficult task. Determine to trust your own abilities, qualities and judgment. Be a little more assertive in what you say and do. Don’t take failure too seriously.

5. Learn to de-stress. Stress will cause you tremendous mental and emotional strain. It will creep silently into your life and can cause serious health issues. Keep it as far from you as possible.

6. Develop your communication skills. Both listening and speaking. Focus on what others are saying, wait your turn and then speak with passion. If your words are true, you will effectively communicate them.

7. Find your balance in life. Everything in moderation is a powerful petition. Finding balance is finding harmony in every aspect of your life, so that you can maintain the quality of life you’re looking for.

We’re not talking about a wholesale change here. Any little changes you make will create positive affirmations as you work towards enhancing your life.

Life is a journey


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