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Be the Star of Your Own

Be the Star of Your Own

Whether you are standing on the highest mountain or crawling through the lowest valley, you can gaze into the night sky and see a myriad of stars. Magnificent, awe-inspiring and unreachable.

Earthly stars are much the same. In music, sports, entertainment and more, those we consider stars are equally unreachable. They live in a world we can only dream about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can all be stars, especially as the star of our own show!

Your show is your life, or some portion thereof. Not only are you the script writer, producer and director, you also fill the starring role. You can capture the persona and play it out however you choose.

Interestingly enough, actors do not have this power or flexibility. They are controlled by a legion of others who tell them how to act. Theirs is a make-believe world. Yours is not.

As the star of your own show, you make your own decisions. Choose well. You set the direction and the pace. Keep it manageable. You determine the wardrobe. Clean and neat are always good. You set the budget. Don’t go overboard. You pick the supporting cast. Make sure they complement you.

Of course, shows always have unexpected twists and turns, and it’s up to you to react in a positive way. Personalities will sometimes clash. You may have to be the peacemaker. Props may become damaged or disappear.

But the good news is that the star of the show almost always wins. They beat the odds and get the girl (or guy). They overcome heartache and tragedy, and still persevere. They are eternal optimists and never, never give up.

Your show may not become an epic blockbuster. But your performance will determine its success.

Your work ethic is more important than the success of the show. More important than the reviews of the critics.

Be true to yourself, be the best you can be. You are the star, and the show is what you make it!

Life is a journey


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