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Before I found Alida Fehily’s “ Wiz-cARDs” I struggled to give the depth of reading and mentoring I desired. Most [oracle] card decks limit the reading you can offer because of the limitation of the word on the cards etc. Wiz-cARDs cover all 7 key areas of life allowing my intuitive mentoring sessions to dive deeper than ever before. Now my clients leave feeling fulfilled and knowing the best next steps to take toward their dream life. I am the #1 fan of Wiz-cARDs since their birth as my clients keep coming back because of the type and depth of reading they give.
Thank you Alida. <3

Serenity Raven-Wolf
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Alida’s beautiful Keys to Wisdom card deck is a powerful tool for revealing the deeper truths, spiritual principles and universal laws for creating greater joy, fulfillment and abundance in all areas of your life. It is truly a treasure chest full of love, wisdom and empowerment that will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, self-expression and self-actualization. If you apply the principles contained in these cards, I promise you that your journey will be easier and more effortless.”

Jack Canfield,
Co-creator,#1 bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
Co-author, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
Featured teacher in “The Secret”, “The Opus”, and “The Cure”.

“Alida’s Keys to Wisdom gives you fabulous tools to inspire you into action everyday in your personal life and in your business. Using these beautiful cards will help you tap into your potential for creating a life of abundance.”

Loral Langemeier,
Bestselling author of the Millionaire Maker book series, CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud.
Featured teacher in “The Secret”.

“Alida Fehily’s Keys to Wisdom is an insightful tool to gain access to our inner wisdom and higher self. Beautifully illustrated and laid out in a way to provide greater self-understanding and personal transformation, her book and cards allow us to tap into our intuition and better understand our life experiences and our life purpose. ”

Dr. Joe Rubino,

“Alida Fehily sets a new standard for creativity and learning. The fact that you have incorporated cards that anyone can use including a step-by-step guide in “Keys to Wisdom” will make it a must read for anyone looking for enlightenment.”

Richard M. Krawczyk,
#1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Consultant, Personal and Business Development Coach

“Can I just say Wow Alida?
What a quality and greatly needed message and product rolled into one! I so look forward to people getting their hands on your inspirational messages. You will be responsible for shifting the masses toward their own greatness. Alida you are an amazing example of what following your passion yields!”

Lisa Lockwood,
REinvention Expert, Speaker, Trainer

“The Keys to Wisdom cards are beautifully illustrated and will appeal to all learning styles. The real magic of these cards is that you see a reflection of yourself in them. The profound message you get uniquely from them will guide you along your path in life. They truly are keys that unlock your doors of wisdom.”

Eva Gregory, CPCC
Master Law of Attraction coach, speaker and author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, Leading Edge Coaching & Training, LLC.

“I am a firm believer in the power within; the Universal Laws. I find sincerely that Alida’s,
&The Keys to Wisdom & Open Your 7 Areas of Life& is a wonderfully intuitive work.”

Tony DeLiso,
Author of Legacy: The Power Within

“Alida is one of the most delightful and loving people you could meet. She comes from a place of great integrity and positive energy in guiding the people she interacts with to their wisdom. She is a believer in reminding others of their abilities in guiding them to their divine greatness.”

Hemal Radia,
Manifesting and Law of Attraction Trainer, Author and Super Coach

“The Keys To Wisdom unlocks the flow of Divine Energy within. All the answers we seek are given to us at the perfect time. Alida’s creation will draw you to the guidance you want even when your conscious self is not aware an area of your being desires attention. You will feel Divine Wisdom and Alida’s unconditional love flowing from the pictures and messages of her cards if you simply allow yourself to receive. That’s all… just allow yourself!”

Steve Pohlit,
Co-Creator, Manifest Mastermind

“Alida allows you to be [clearly] where you’re at and opens up the doorway of possibilities. She is uncompromising in her stand for expecting the best for her clients. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and my heart. She allowed me to see quite clearly what was working in my life and what was important to me – and see wholeheartedly the benefits of what was not working and feel truly grateful for that experience so I could move forward.”

Leanne Watson,

“Alida is a powerful force in the universe full of optimism, enlightenment, awareness and comfort. She has a genuine sincerity for helping people find balance, peace and self-awareness that anyone who comes into contact with her feels. She is a true advocate of ‘making a difference’ in the world. Her love and compassion for people shines through as she continually opens the hearts of individuals showing them the endless possibilities of their greatness. She allows you to be yourself and learn the pathway to a balanced life.
“This is what has allowed her to create such a beautiful work of art in her Keys to Wisdom cards. This product will guide you to your own self-awareness, enlighten you to your own realities, and keep you on a guided path to success, wisdom, love and peace.”

Carolyn Trinta, CEO,

“Alida Fehily truly ignites the vision of those who are divided between [the now and] where to go from here. Well wait no more when you can experience your new life with a sense of total Freedom. Come and let Alida take you to the next level.”

Deremiah *CPE (Customer Passion Executive)

“Alida’s work always comes from the heart, which is where it needs to come from, after all.
“Her take on the spiritual side of life is as close to God or the Goddess as you can get. May she continue to help others on the path for many more years to come.”
Late Simon Turnbull,
President of the Australian Psychics Association

“As I look through these beautiful images, the expression of love radiates through them and, intuitively, I can understand what each message tells me. Upon reading the meaning, the intuitive understanding becomes validated in the wisdom and beauty and the profoundness in meaning. Alida is a beautiful lady, whom I am proud to call a dear friend and that beauty, which she radiates continually, is expressed brilliantly in the Keys to Wisdom book and cards. As you read through her book and work with the cards, I am sure that you too will be able to feel her love radiating out to you but, more importantly, you will be able to connect with your own deep inner love; the part of you connected to the Divine. Well done Alida in bringing the beautiful connection of the Divine Spark in aiding the Etheric Shift we are experiencing.”

Leyla Hur,
Empowerment Mentor and Inspirational Motivator, host of weekly radio show “Manifesting
the Positive”, and co-author of Strategies for Success.

“Alida is passionate, energetic and optimistic and her vibrancy creates a positive energy, so when you seek her professional support and counsel you feel renewed and enlightened. In times where I have had such turbulence in my life, questions and anger, her compassion, and her ability to direct my thoughts to seek understanding and comfort has enabled me to move forth to overcome emotionally draining obstacles and to see them as challenges that have made me a better person; she led me to view these life changes in a more positive way with renewed hope and energy.
“Alida seeks to understand, and has the ability to communicate to her clients so that they direct the path and manner in which they can resolve obstacles, concerns. Yet in her, one sees continuous support, hope, laughter that lifts the weight off your shoulders, her touch inspires and revitalizes you for she has energy internally and passion in her work, in her beliefs [which has] enabled me to know that we can all chase our dreams, our goals and through tough times we can grow and create for ourselves, for our families a better future. I know those who have had the opportunity to share with Alida feel they have received such a gift, found someone they will treasure, and have experienced a feeling of self-fulfillment.”

Sharon Shapiro,

“I just wanted to say a HUGE ‘Thank you’ for your guidance and wisdom during our recent session together. I have had some incredible breakthroughs, including being one step away from achieving a 20-year DREAM! What is equally amazing though is how quickly and CALMLY I have been able to handle the new challenges. Thank you so much again, you are OUTSTANDING!”

Mike Palmer,
Success Coaching Internation

“Alida Fehily has been an inspiration and has been a guiding light to both myself and several of my friends when there was nowhere else to turn. She has a unique gift, both through the use of tarot cards and her work with the method of transformation. She has shown me how certain things in my past have affected my present life and has taught me how to accept these events as necessary Good and not Bad things and how they have really helped me and not hindered my growth as previously thought. What a feeling of freedom she has given me [along with] the trust in myself to go ahead with certain personal projects. I find her exceptionally down-to-earth and she has a wonderful way of making it easy to unload matters of a private nature … clearing through the baggage. I thank her for using her gift for helping others too.”

Lyn Freeman,
Duncraig, WA


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