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I hope you enjoy reading from our recently published “The Law of Reflection”.

The life of your dreams is just a few pages away as this book describes in simple detail how to attain your “truth”. Written in the matter-of-fact style of a “How to…” guide, The Law of Reflection is an easy to read handbook, with simple-to-follow instructions on how to wade through the unnecessary worry of your life to reach clarity and comfort.

You are exactly where you need to be, according to author Alida Fehily, a renowned accredited International Esoteric ChaperoneTM and Intuitive. Alida’s handy and insightful tips to find your truth can be applied to your ‘search’ for peace, joy, prosperity, harmony, abundance, success, love and so many other goodies.

• Find your truth
• Be the boss of yourself
• Live the life of your dreams
• Resolve guilt, shame and fear
• Experience gratitude
• Live life in abundance
• Enjoy more love

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