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"Alida, my esoteric chaperone, you have given me the guiding clarity that has directly assisted me in my advance to my “soul” purpose.
Your encouragement and coaching, combined with the daily “checkpoint” routine, rivets me in the lighting rod of focus.
I find your readings incredibly accurate, well-timed and relevant such that my confidence is constantly at diamond strength in my actions and chosen course.

Peter Villis, Entrepreneur

“Unveil Your Truths” Esoteric Coaching

By allowing Alida to guide you, you will learn how to triumph in any situation and enjoy a more meaningful experience. Learning how to tap into this space will help you unleash your creative insights and perspectives.

Alida will help keep you on track so you can create magnificent real world events. For example, if you are in the middle of creating an extraordinary project that requires complete focus, Alida can help you evolve by adjusting your thinking. The aim is to maintain ‘mind expansion’ at all times to achieve your goals. (The opposite is a blocked or closed mind, which imprisons you within your own negative thought patterns.)

Available worldwide, these sessions are guided especially for You as a unique being, each with a unique situation. Working with International Esoteric ChaperoneTM Alida, you will be taken to a new level of understanding. Imagine a life whereby you are doing the work you love and living the life of your dreams.

While it may sound complicated, the concept is simple: Your dreams can appear in physical reality by keeping your mind expanded.

Take charge of your own destiny and manifest life-changing transformations. Regardless of the exact outcome, all sessions with Alida are guaranteed to be uplifting.

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